The solution to climate change could be on your doorstep…

Littleton Green – our vision for cleaner, green living

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The effects of climate change are growing ever closer to home. Extreme weather events, droughts and catastrophic flooding are just part of the reality we’re witnessing in the UK. Add to this the soaring cost of energy bills, and it’s no wonder the average householder feels helpless about the future.

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We can all make a difference – starting with having a say in the kind of homes and communities we want for our country.

That’s where Littleton Green comes in, a net zero carbon development that has been designed to produce 100% of its own renewable energy, on site. A cleaner, greener way of living that will benefit the wider community for generations to come.

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Whether you’re interested in becoming a resident of Littleton Green, or showing your support for its development, read on to find out how you can get involved.

Cleaner, greener living starts here

Our vision is for a new operational net zero carbon community at Littleton Green, to the north-west of Waddesdon. Designed to be one of the first of its kind, it has been carefully planned to provide a new green energy park, alongside high-quality new homes.

The renewable energy park will include a wind turbine and solar panels, all of which will generate enough renewable energy for the entire development, as well as existing homes in the surrounding area. It will also commit to delivering low-carbon renewable heating and hot water from ground source heat pumps via an on-site heating network.

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The UK has committed to be carbon neutral by 2050. Buckinghamshire Council has also pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050, with a target to reduce emissions by at least 75% by 2030.

To meet these targets, we need to take positive action right now and make some real changes to how we live.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share our exciting vision for Littleton Green; a cleaner, greener community designed to produce 100% of its own renewable energy on site.

As experts in green energy infrastructure, we’ve used our considerable experience to shape these unique proposals. Together, we can ensure we meet our commitment to a net zero carbon future, right here and now.


A new green energy park with a wind turbine and solar panels that generate huge amounts of renewable electricity from the wind and sun capable of meeting the needs of the new homes as well as many existing homes and businesses in the surrounding area

A wide range of high quality new homes for all incomes, that are at the cutting edge of energy efficiency

A new hotel with meeting rooms that brings new jobs and increased wealth to the local area

An EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station using green energy from the new energy park to charge electric cars, vans and buses

Extensive parkland and peaceful woodland to improve biodiversity and the health and wellbeing of both new and surrounding residents

This flagship, green community will set a new standard of living right now and for generations to come.

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