This pioneering operational net zero carbon development is designed to create a highly sustainable new community set within a carefully nurtured parkland and woodland. It will include:

An on-site green energy park that harnesses enough energy from the wind and sun via a wind turbine and solar panels capable of supplying 100% of the new community’s energy needs as well as existing homes in the surrounding area

A commitment to using ground source heat pumps for the provision of space heating and hot water needs of the entire development via technology that harnesses this sustainable source of thermal energy from the ground

A new road that would form the first phase of a future A41 bypass for Waddesdon

The gradual, phased development of up to 535 sensitively designed, low-carbon, energy-efficient new homes to be delivered over a number of years. The range will include homes for all needs, from affordable housing and first time buyers through to care provision for the aging population

A true community which at the heart of its design meets the needs of all, from the GP surgery and community hub with its café and flexible workspaces through to the integrated care provision for older residents

A new hotel with meeting rooms that brings a wide range of new jobs to the local area and supports the local economy including businesses at Westcott Enterprise Zone

An extensive network of walking and cycling routes along natural green pathways to connect new residents to the surrounding area – including the Waddesdon Greenway – and help them make active, green travel their first choice

Large open areas of parkland and extensive woodland for residents and visitors alike to enjoy all year round

An ultra-rapid EV charging station, conveniently located beside the busy A41, powered by the new energy park to help the move away from petrol and diesel and also improve air quality